The future of IT-based lighting control.

IOTconnect is the native implementation of IT network technology into the lighting technology. Each fixture becomes its own network node with its own IP address by using WLAN or LAN technology in the individual light point.


The vision of integrating light into the world of IT or smartphones is therefore becoming a reality without an intermediate step. The network technology enables direct bi-directional communication between the fixture and the user via the PC, smartphone or IP-capable building management systems. The fixtures not only receive but also return status messages to the network, which can then, e.g. be evaluated for energy monitoring and maintenance purposes. The scope of the function and performance of the system can be maximised via the integrated sensors on the light point, and expanded by usage profiles or dynamic air-conditioning regulation. The communication between the fixture and the network takes place via the wireless protocol UDP (User Datagram Protocol), which guarantees a fast and, therefore lean communication between the participants. System-critical or safety-relevant processes are secured by a secondary protocol and encryption.


IOTconnect, the BIONcontrol app and BIONserver will provide you with reliable solutions for the use of network-integrated control irrespective of whether you are a user, planner or manufacturer.

Operating Temperature-20 °C / +40 °C | -4 °F / +104 °F